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Relocation Tools

Community Search: Use this search tool to create a list of up to 25 best cities for you to live by selecting certain demographic and economic conditions. Link:   Cost of Living Analysis: The Cost of Living Analysis gives you the city’s cost of living, climate, demographics, and other vital information. Link:   [...] Read More


If another organization found your skills, personality, background and profile appealing, there is a good chance that your current organization recognizes those same qualities. In today’s tight labor market, organizations cannot routinely afford to lose an “A” player. So, their initial reaction frequently is to make a counter-offer. Humor us as we illustrate this in [...] Read More

Resign Gracefully

Congratulations! You've landed the perfect job! Now you are faced with the obligation of resigning from your current employer, and saying good-bye to friends, colleagues, and quite possibly coaches/mentors. This could be an emotional and mentally draining process, but there is a simple methodology to resigning gracefully. Draft your Resignation Letter – This is an [...] Read More

Interviewing Tips & Secrets

A career change is considered by many a “major life decision,” and as such requires an investment of time and effort to identify, apply, interview and land the opportunity that is best for you. Remember, your “best fit” opportunities are those that will capitalize on your strengths and offer more of the responsibilities and tasks [...] Read More