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Congratulations! You’ve landed the perfect job! Now you are faced with the obligation of resigning from your current employer, and saying good-bye to friends, colleagues, and quite possibly coaches/mentors.

This could be an emotional and mentally draining process, but there is a simple methodology to resigning gracefully.

Draft your Resignation Letter – This is an important first step. Putting your decision on paper and signing it is the equivalent of signing a contract to yourself. It is an important step toward your new career destination.

Remove the Emotions – When you are properly educated by your Account Executive at Lykor Group, you can remind yourself that you have made a sound business decision regarding your career path. You didn’t make an emotional decision to accept the new position, and now is certainly not the time to let your emotions displace a sound, rational business decision.

Be Honest and Resolute – With yourself, your new employer and your soon to be former employer. Let your “Yes” mean “Yes” and your “No” mean “No”. Everyone in the process will respect and appreciate your integrity, and you will never burn a bridge by doing what you say you are going to do.

Expect the Counter-Offer – If another organization found your skills, personality, background and profile appealing, there is a good chance that your current organization recognizes those same qualities. In today’s tight labor market, organizations cannot routinely afford to lose an “A” player. So, their initial reaction frequently is to make a counter-offer. The real question is not whether your employer’s motives are genuine, temporary, or simply reactionary. More important to ask is, ‘Are their actions actually relevant to the decision YOU already made?’

Stay Focused – Be careful not to get lured into any discussions other than: your resignation, how they want to handle your final weeks and the transition of your current duties, responsibilities and projects. Remain professional at all times and offer to help in setting an acceptable agenda for your transition.

Tell Others – As soon as you tell other colleagues and peers that you are leaving the more likely you are to remain resolute to your decision. Again, be professional and resist the temptation to be conceited about your decision. Your colleagues and peers will truly appreciate the humility.

Truth Be Told – There are times when your current organization will legitimately have a superior role, offer or promotion you were not expecting. If this happens call your Account Executive at Lykor Group. Our job is to assist and support you in making a sound business decision, to communicate that decision professionally and with full disclosure to all parties involved, and to prevent you from burning any bridges along the way. Your attitude and actions will leave a “lasting impression” on your colleagues. Resigning with class, honor, integrity and humility will allow you to be remembered as the trustworthy and sincere professional you are. This type of reputation will serve you immensely throughout your career and should not be compromised for any single career move.