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The candidate experience is arguably more important than ever. Why? Staffing firms have an unprecedented incentive to make their candidates happy. Candidate-related concerns dominate the results of the survey. Candidate acquisition is again one of the top three priorities for staffing firms (42 percent say it’s a top priority), and the talent shortage is once again the top challenge for staffing professionals (64 percent). Perhaps most alarmingly, only 13 percent of respondents redeploy at least half of their candidates. In all these cases, an improved candidate experience can have a dramatic positive impact.

If you do decide to prioritize the candidate experience (and you should), who’s responsible? Respondents have mixed views. Forty-eight percent say individual recruiters are responsible and 45 percent say it’s a shared responsibility. Delivering a truly rewarding candidate experience is something the whole firm contributes to, regardless of who’s on the front lines with candidates.

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